About me

Hi. I’m John -John Terry Meche III to be precise.


I like Apple computers, guitars, good movies, and good music. In 2006, I graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.A. in Philosophy.

The most important thing you can know about me is that on September 6, 1998, the God of the universe broke into my life. His Spirit brought me new life and in trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, I found forgiveness of sins, the pursuit of holiness, and the hope of resurrection.

This is Charlee Meche, the love of my life.598545_10102605705083155_1454973711_n

She is really awesome.


In May of 2007, I asked her to marry me. You can see that here:

On August 11, 2007, I married Charlee.


These are my 5 crazy kids:


This is my city. God called me and my family here in 2007. Until he returns, calls me home, or calls me elsewhere, I will by his grace and by the power of his Spirit continue to live the gospel, love the city, and be the church.

New Orleans


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