>The Shack: A Cross Driven Review Part 2

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Some argue (see the Amazon reviews) that since The Shack is not a theology book and is a work of fiction, we should not critique its theology. It is important to point out that The Shack claims to take place in our universe. The author of the book claims to be a character in the book itself. Although it is a fictional account, wholesale NBA jerseys it must be held to the truth standards of this universe, because it claims to take place here. Second, what most people cheap jerseys fail to see is that anything >The that you say about God is theology. It does not matter if it is spoken by a child or a Jolly seminary professor. If a sentence speaks of God, then the sentence involves theology. The fact wholesale nba jerseys that reviewers on Sharing Amazon are claiming that the way they view God has been changed by this book is reason enough to require that its theology be examined.


The first major issue with The Shack is that throughout the book scripture is defamed. We are told throughout the book that scripture is insufficient and that Mack is getting something in the shack that he could not get in the Bible. That is a scary thought, because if we lose the sufficiency of scripture, then we lose Jesus. And if we lose Jesus, then we lose MuhmadEmad everything. On page 65 Mac says, “God’s voice had been reduced to paper, and even that paper had to be moderated and deciphered by the proper authorities and intellects.” This is a subversive and cynical view of scripture at best. The Bible is a Triple precious and holy gift from God. I understand that cheap NBA jerseys there are those who appoach scripture in a dry and lifeless fashion, but this encourages readers to challenge any view hoa of scripture that comes from a grammatical-historical viewpoint. It pushes readers into wholesale NFL jerseys adopting a more reader-response approach, in which the thoughts and feelings of the reader determine the meaning of scripture. This is further backed up when God informs Mac of how he will communicate, “You might see me in a piece of art, or music, or silence, or through people, or in Creation, or in your joy and sorrow. My ability to communicate is limitless, living and transforming, and it will always be tuned to Papa’s goodness and love. And you will hear and see me in the Bible in fresh ways. Just don’t look for rules and principles; look for relationship—a way of coming to be with us.” In the right context, this quote might not be so bad, but here Young demotes scripture to a second class citizen. I hold to Sola Sciptura. For me, scripture is the highest authority, and it sits above science, literature, and my own experience. When something comes in conflict with scripture, scripture gets the nod. (Note that this is different from Solo Scriptura, in which scripture is the only authority.)

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